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Valerie Adams

Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Valerie, Business and Mindset Mentor!

I am OBSESSED with guiding women to access their power and create the life they’ve always been destined for. 

My #1 goal is for my clients to learn to trust themselves, step into who they were meant to be, and step into the powerful creator of their reality!

I wasn’t always the leader you see today…

My whole life I’ve always known I was meant for something big.

I had gifts to really see the greatness in people and hold incredible space.

I’ve always been the friend people came to for advice, or encouragement and I LOVED it. 

I was so scared of my light and my power that I put myself in situations that forced me to dim it. 

I dimmed my light by dating men who were the life of the party, watering down my truth & what I had to say to make sure I wasn’t offending anybody. I was people-pleasing left and right because I couldn’t stand the thought of somebody being unhappy with me.

In 2018 when I had my spiritual awakening, it became so clear to me that I had been sleeping on my power. 

Shortly after that realization, my life completely shifted – in all areas.

I started my online coaching business, went on an intense healing and transformational journey, left my high paying corporate career, met my soulmate, and shed the identity I had held onto for 28 years. 

Today I trust myself immensely. I trust my path, the process, the twists, the turns, the WTF moments. I know I’m supported. 

Running an online business for over 3.5 years that generates multiple 6-figures a year, I’ve learned some powerful lessons and tools that I am passionate about sharing with you.

No matter what your career is, I am a stand for women who want to live a life that feels good to them. 

I would be so thrilled & honored to be a part of your journey!



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