How to Get Out of a Funk and Back Into Alignment

Out of alignment is a fancy way of saying that you’re in a funk.

Have you felt blah or off and couldn’t pin point exactly why? This used to happen to me constantly and I would blame outside factors such as:

-The weather

-Something someone said to me

-My period

-The economy

-Bad hair day

-Work was stressful

-A disagreement with a family member

What I wasn’t looking at is that even when outside factors happen (Which they always have and always will), I still have some sort of control over how my day is going to go.

When things are out of my control, what I can control is the way I CREATE time and space for myself.

Here are things that make me feel good/in alignment:


-Practicing gratitude (3-5 things I’m grateful for)

-Saying my affirmations


-Snuggling with my dog

-Taking a bath

-Reading my book (even if it’s just 10 pages)

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